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Women and men are different from each other, if in no other way than their lived experience in our society. Women were refused the right to vote in our nation for generations. Women on average earn less than their male counterparts at every level of corporate employment. Women still encounter objectification and indignity in business at every level of our patriarchal, white supremacist culture. And women suffer marginalization, lack of opportunity, and exploitation across the United States many men ignore or perpetrate. I have disavowed that system and intend to pursue opportunities to bring balance and mutual respect to women wherever I can, acknowledging my privilege and my responsibility.
I invited my partners to co-found this business because I recognize their playfulness, their motivation, their creativity, and I value their wisdom. They bring insight I don’t possess and experience I do not share.
From the start this solution—which became my company Recess Your Stress—was directed toward women clientele because I see women struggling with greater stress than men; furthermore as a potential employer of independent coaches, I find women struggling financially more than men. While I believe I could better reach this demographic if I was female myself, I happen to be male. To serve and employ females effectively, I recognize the absolute necessity of speaking with women’s voices, responding with sensitivity to women’s needs, and empathizing with our clients in ways I will likely struggle.
As a man in leadership I intend to respect women as individuals, not objects, and increase my awareness of issues uniquely challenging women in our culture. By inviting females to co-found this business and by maintaining a posture of humility, teachability, and curiosity toward their voices, I believe we will better serve our global community.
My vision for this company is a healthier society through more playful individuals. The most effective way to achieve this is by targeting our society’s primary managers of relationships—typically females through their biologically and sociologically advanced empathetic neurology—reducing their stress so they can self-soothe and co-regulate with others, and infuse play into their daily lives with family, colleagues, friends, lovers, and strangers.
Life is born from women. Play starts with women. A healthier society on healthy women. So let us, as best we can through our unique individuality, explicitly serve women, inclusively employ women, and honorably represent women with dignity and joy.
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