What the heck does "Play as Democracy" mean?
The summer I finished my degree at University of Washington, I visited Denmark on a fellowship independently studying play design. (More about that under my WORK and BLOG.) 
As a result, I've combined my Interaction Design education with my previous degree in Theatre to pursue a career in play design for democracy—using the benefits of intentional, inclusive, "infinite" play to construct a foundation for trust, respect, negotiation, cooperation, and empathic care between society's marginalized communities and the established power-holders. 
Not every society wants the United States' version of democracy, but every individual in every nation possesses a divine stamp of value and significance. I desire to affirm that value and celebrate their significance through play.
To me, every new project is an opportunity to discover and grow as a human being. Maybe it's my disarming enthusiasm or just my big nose, but for some reason people like to talk to me and get stuff done together. Tempted to learn more? Check THIS out.

Leading a design team interview with a local chef.

Also, I'm a dad, so kids don't scare me.

Demonstrating an activity for my young friend Greta during our Alexa Skill prototype photoshoot.

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