Quarantine Relief Effort
Online Stress Relief Coaching startup business
Hello, friend.
You'll do us a big favor, filling out the survey for our startup. We're building our team, collecting mentors, distilling our training program, and submitting our business plan to University of Washington's entrepreneurship competition to get investors' eyes on it. Your contribution gets us a little bit closer to turning this dream into reality.
Until it's off the ground, I—this fledgling startup's CEO—would like to say thank you in a practical way.
According to therapists, scientists, and researchers I've personally spoken with, we can build our immune system and soothe our nervous system through releasing four hormones into our bodies: dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin. You can remember them through this acronym: DOES. And what releases these hormones more effectively than any other activity?
Play. Or, as I've been telling my team, play DOES. It fulfills a sense of achievement and pleasure, triggering dopamine. It brings us together and invites physical contact, producing oxytocin. It provokes movement and activity, releasing endorphins. And when we connect over playful experiences and really pay attention to each other, we feel noticed, seen, valued, and important—this creates serotonin. This cocktail of happiness physiologically transforms our bodies into illness suppression machines, and our minds into calm, contemplative centers of hope and optimism. 
When we feel good and think clearly as play enables us to do, we can ask, "How can I use what I have to help my family, friends, and community?" instead of declaring paralyzing phrases like, "I'm stuck; I'm useless; I can't get out of this." As entrepreneurship guru Robert Kiyosaki pointed out, questions open our minds; statements close them.
I live ten minutes from Kirkland, Washington's Evergreen Hospital, "Ground Zero" for COVID-19 in the United States. But I'm serving society through launching this initiative based on hope, generosity, collaboration, and persistence. 
You're Ground Zero for hope in your family and community. How can you play with people you love, and what can you offer those around you? It doesn't have to be big. Just trust that whatever you do DOES something.
With hope,
Isaac Waring
Bothell, WA, USA
(website coming soon)